The Big Wheel’s back for Christmas, will the Big Screen return in 2010?

With the temporary return of the Birmingham Big Wheel (hopefully without the Parisian commentary which made it all the more quirky the first time around), are we going to perhaps see a return of the Birmingham Big Screen? For what seems like almost two years now, the Big Screen has remained resolutely dark, with nothing […]

Birmingham’s big sister comes to town

Can you name all the cities Birmingham’s twinned with? I could probably name one or two (Frankfurt springs to mind – if you’ve not been to the German Market at Christmas, you’re missing out!) Other cities include Johannesburg, Frankfurt, Milan, Lyon and, of all the places you’d never guess, Ramallah (intriguing choice, no?)… But Brum’s also been […]

BP Efficiency car coming to Brum – look (out) for yours truly

BP, bizarrely on a quest to help us save money on petrol (whodathunkit), are tooling round the UK with a specially modified Ford as part of their Fuel Efficiency Challenge. They’re giving people the chance to do a circuit around town and have their driving style analysed – they’ll be stopping by Millennium Point today, […]

Mysterious white powder covers Midlands; civilisation breaks down slightly

… Or slides into a row of parked cars, as I saw earlier this evening. (Turns out that this white powder can also be extremely costly for some people.) Yes, in case you haven’t noticed, Birmingham has once again been swathed in snow. Local Highways Agency gritter depots run out of rock salt, more salt […]

Seven hours to kill and nowhere to go? Try this.

This sounds like fun – a shame I’m 80 miles away from Birmingham this weekend, this gig sounds exactly like the kind of thing which could keep me entertained for hours. As LiveBrum explains; Project X Presents invites you on a journey into the heart of Digital Dystopia. A carefully sequenced evening during which many […]

Journey to the centre of the Brummieverse, this week on Radio 4

A short and sweet entry this time for the end of July. If you missed “Centre of our World”, the six-part insight into Birmingham’s diverse ethnic communities written and presented by Birmingham’s very own Professor Carl Chinn, Radio 4 are currently repeating the series every day this week at 3:45pm. Starting with Birmingham’s Irish community, […]

Trouble Bruin in the Black Country

It’s not just canals coming out of the Black Country these days, we have some superheroes all of our own too. Employing the talents of Matthew Craig, Donato’s bringing the Bostin Heroes to the world – and he’ll be on the radio on Sunday to talk about it. From the Brum Mail article about the […]

Soweto Kinch underneath a flyover, for one night only

Not got anything planned for Saturday the 31st of May? Well, give The Flyover Show a go. It’s on from 1pm to 9pm (but I’m sure it may well overrun) and… well, when was the last time you got to enjoy a dollop of wholesome fun in such a glamourous location as underneath the Hockley […]

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