EDL and Peace protests in Birmingham centre this Saturday (29/10/2011)

As many will be aware, the English Defence League will be undertaking a protest in Centenary Square this Saturday the 29th of October 2011. A simultaneous Peace Rally is taking place in Chamberlain Square with police cordons segregating the two groups. On Wednesday, the EDL’s protest area was altered to conform to safety requirements, as […]

Fourteen arrested, nine charged in relation to August Winson Green hit-and-run murders

Haroon Jahan (21), Shazad Ali (30) and Abdul Musavir (31) Wednesday, October 5 2011: 18:50: West Midlands Police has dubbed the investigation into the deaths as Operation Pointer. Since the August updates, more people were arrested, eventually bringing the total to fourteen arrested (the most recent being a 21 year old Quinton man arrested on […]

Disorder, riots and looting in Birmingham, 08/08/2011 [live updates]

Follow @AboutBrum for more frequent updates, RTs and quick/snappy newsbites. If you have updates, photos, videos or other info please send them in via the Tips page – or simply message @AboutBrum.   Also, a reminder to check out the Birmingham Riots 2011 tumblr maintained by Casey Rain. I’ve been reblogging images and updates including […]

New Birmingham Library Public Consultation almost complete

For those who were unaware, the Public Consultation for the planned £193m Birmingham Library  is halfway complete (it’s been running from the 20th of April and will end on the 22nd of May). This is the last opportunity the general public will have to voice their opinions – you can contribute yours, so get going – […]

[updated] ANPR camera rollout across Birmingham city centre commences

The eagle-eyed amongst you may have already noticed unmarked black gantries appearing in several areas of Birmingham over the past week or so. Some have already gone up in Digbeth, and from informal discussion with contractors installing the gantries today it appears that there are at least 10 more to go. Today (Monday), two gantries […]

Did the earth move (a little bit) for you?

Corny I know, but appropriate… Just now (about 1am), Birmingham (and much of the Midlands and Central England) had a little earthquake! It only lasted about ten seconds here, but was strong enough to make my speakers rock on their stands and my radiator make a noise… Amusingly, we all initially blamed each other in […]

Why can’t people just leave things alone?

I’ll say it loud, and I’ll say it clear: I like Birmingham Central Library. It’s a real landmark. Being built from concrete, it’s a bit dirty here and there but it has a real sense of character, plus it’s pretty cool inside. I got lost in there the first time I went in. 🙂 The […]

The new UCE name? …never mind

You may have traveled to this corner of the Web expecting to see my scribblings about the new UCE logo and how I was concurring with what many other people had already roundly described as a big waste of money and a poorly-implemented rebranding. You’ve just got the short version, but if you’re looking for […]

Very favourable review of Brum and the West Midlands in today’s Guardian

The Grauniad put out an insert with today’s paper, in association with the EC and Advantage West Midlands, focusing on the range of innovation, development (and redevelopment) and diversity within and around Brum and the rest of the County. It’s a very interesting read, and doesn’t smack of “look at our area, come and invest […]

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