The pace of change in Birmingham (photos)

This site’s been quiet for a while – a few job changes, a few relocations and various life events put paid to my prior efforts to focus on anything else. Nonetheless, I’ve kept an eye on what’s been happening – and it’s hard to miss the huge changes in the city centre. Gone is the […]

Another Midlands landmark is lost to fire

A sight you won’t see again… Over 130 years of history was obliterated yesterday due to an horrendous fire which swept through the former  premises of Langley Maltings Brewery in Oldbury. The Express & Star reports that “More than 60 firefighters from stations across the Black Country and Birmingham battled through the night” after security […]

About Brum Podcast: Episode 1 now out

Roll up, roll up – it’s the shiny new About Brum podcast, replete with delicious podcasty goodness and compatible with all half-decent media players and devices. The inaugural episode features Nick Booth of Podnosh and Birmingham Social Media Surgery fame! Also, Birmingham- or West Midlands-based band? Get your music featured on the next instalment… Contact […]

Journey to the centre of the Brummieverse, this week on Radio 4

A short and sweet entry this time for the end of July. If you missed “Centre of our World”, the six-part insight into Birmingham’s diverse ethnic communities written and presented by Birmingham’s very own Professor Carl Chinn, Radio 4 are currently repeating the series every day this week at 3:45pm. Starting with Birmingham’s Irish community, […]

Trouble Bruin in the Black Country

It’s not just canals coming out of the Black Country these days, we have some superheroes all of our own too. Employing the talents of Matthew Craig, Donato’s bringing the Bostin Heroes to the world – and he’ll be on the radio on Sunday to talk about it. From the Brum Mail article about the […]

Creative Republic gears up for another August brainstorm

The Creative Republic bods are about again… More often they can be found drumming up interesting new ideas for the West Mids, but this time it’s all about the City Centre: We are delighted to be hosting the second in a series of new events designed to inform and update you about key projects and […]

Birmingham’s newest music venue opens, to the sound of Drop D powerchords

Birmingham has been plagued by a spate of rumoured (and actual) venue closures in the past few years, and also been unlucky with others (memorably, the burning down of Eddie’s, near New Street Station, a great blow for fans of alternative music and a decent night out). However, Roy and Jaci Davis have just opened […]

Soweto Kinch underneath a flyover, for one night only

Not got anything planned for Saturday the 31st of May? Well, give The Flyover Show a go. It’s on from 1pm to 9pm (but I’m sure it may well overrun) and… well, when was the last time you got to enjoy a dollop of wholesome fun in such a glamourous location as underneath the Hockley […]

Big Picture day, get your Brum snaps in!

Firstly – did we miss Spring? Summer’s decided to queuejump once again this year, as my (exceedingly grown up and consummately mature) housemate said to me yesterday, “strappy top season’s upon us once again. Giggidy!” But anyway, I digress. The Big Picture project’s been running for a while now, and it’s culminating in the grand competition […]

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