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So, if you clicked through to here you’re most likely wondering what the hell this site is all about. Well, it’s the result of an idea borne forth from a twentysomething Uni student’s head (that’d be me, hello, my name is Christopher). The idea? To create a site showcasing all the best (and worst 😉 that Birmingham has to offer, and to offer a little bit of personal insight along the way as I live in the city, go exploring, find its nooks and crannies and suchlike.

Many cities (Birmingham included) have received a bad rap over the years, mainly because of the way they were in the past; some unusual choices of architecture, misguided attempts by then-controlling powers-that-be to ‘futurise’ them (there’s a new word for you)… The list is very long. But as any city-dweller will tell you, whatever other peoples’ impressions of a city, they’re most likely inaccurate or outright wrong. My aim, through the medium of photography, sound and (if I can get my mitts on the right gear) video, is to show Birmingham as it actually is, bit by bit, piece by piece, from the perspective of someone who lives and studies in it on a daily basis.

As I develop the necessary momentum to properly get cracking with this site, I hope to have written entries, interviews with people, and podcasts, each one focusing on one aspect of Birmingham – be it the people living in it, its architecture, its history… There’s always something new to discover, someone new who has stories to share. Sometimes it’s just plain interesting finding out more about something, like an old building you might see every day as you commute on public transport but would never otherwise pay much attention to. I’m going to try and build up a picture of how and why Birmingham is as it is today – a great city, a diverse city and a wonderful place to live.

So there we have it – my mission statement. Are you ready to find out more about The Second City? If you want to get in touch, my email address can be found on the Contact page.

If you’d like any assistance with blogging, podcasting or producing your own multimedia and you’re in the West Midlands area, come to a Social Media Surgery. I try to attend the BSMC as often as I can, but I also help people out on an individual basis. If you want to set up a blog or a podcast, I can show you just how quickly (and cheaply) it can be done – all you need is a good idea and the desire to keep at it!

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