Mysterious white powder covers Midlands; civilisation breaks down slightly

… Or slides into a row of parked cars, as I saw earlier this evening. (Turns out that this white powder can also be extremely costly for some people.)

Yes, in case you haven’t noticed, Birmingham has once again been swathed in snow. Local Highways Agency gritter depots run out of rock salt, more salt is brought over on boats from Spain and Italy (but won’t arrive until several days after the worst weather has passed) and people are once again reminded that no, you can’t just put the car into first gear and off you go. High gears low revs, people! And if you have a rear wheel drive car… Just stay at home, it’s best for everyone.

And of course, time for some customary pictures, courtesy of local publications the Brummagem Mail and the Sunday Mercury (here’s their offering). A little word of advice from the Met Office as well, via the Mail’s web site:

A low pressure system from the south is due to hit the region on Monday, bringing with it up to 15cms of snow. And with no thaw on the horizon, any snow is likely to stick and remain on the roads for days.

Flippin’ eck, that means I’m going to have to pack the table salt in the rucksack this week. The Mail’s report continues;

“We’ve got a band of sleet and snow in the north Midlands on Sunday which clears as the day goes on,” a Met Office spokesman said last night, “but the main complication is a low pressure system in the south bringing snow and sleet, which may or may not reach the Midlands. It’s more likely to stick if it does come and then we’re looking at between 10 and 15 centimetres of snow. There’s no sign of a thaw so it could well be more serious than last week. Even if it (heavy snow) doesn’t hit the region, it’s still another wintery week and the hardest hit area will probably be Warwickshire.”

Prepare for some more sledging days telecommuting days as you unfortunately can’t make it to work! For shame.

Moving on to this little corner of the web: I’d like to proffer the excuse that AboutBrum’s not received any updates due to my Internet connection being snowed in for a few weeks, but unfortunately real life has taken precedence. I’m currently almost finished in my final year at University (at BCU/UCE/BBC/whatever they call themselves these days), and projects, coursework and sleep seem to be soaking up more and more of my free time. However, at the last Birmingham Blogger’s Meet I attended I managed to snatch a few minutes of Mr. Booth’s time to run a few ideas past him for this humble web site - and as he didn’t immediately snap back that my ideas were a load of old codswallop, I think my ideas may have a little potential 🙂

(Note to readers: if you see a slightly crazed-looking bloke wandering around Brum town centre with a portable audio recorder, don’t approach him. He will, no doubt, be me.)

I have a sneaky redesign planned for this web site too, so watch out for that. Anyway, safe travels and try not to fall over walking to the shops (like I already have once or twice.) Ta-ra a bit!

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