Seven hours to kill and nowhere to go? Try this.

This sounds like fun – a shame I’m 80 miles away from Birmingham this weekend, this gig sounds exactly like the kind of thing which could keep me entertained for hours.

As LiveBrum explains;

Project X Presents invites you on a journey into the heart of Digital Dystopia.

A carefully sequenced evening during which many performers combine to present a seamless 7 hour show of sound, light and interaction…an “omnimedia experience”. Three stages and multiple projection screens will allow the presentation of a seamless flow of multi genre entertainment, including bands, performers, comedians, VJs, DJs, dancers, poets.

A few of the Headline acts: 360, Subsource, Marc Reck, Reginald D Hunter, Rich Batsford, Shana Tova. Tickets are £10.

UPDATE: The excellent Radio To Go podcast has produced a show dedicated to the Project X Presents event on Sept 13 and featuring a great selection of tasters of the music. Check it out for a listen here:

This sounds really quite fascinating – so if you like your alternative music and fancy some stimulation of several senses at once (maybe more if you drink alcohol!) then trip along to BUSK tomorrow evening. Smashing.

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