Birmingham: meet Esposito, bringer of Bostin tidings

Donato Esposito’s the man with the plan – the guy behind Bostin and the supporter of everything good about the Midlands. The word ‘bostin’ is in itself a wholly positive gesture; “that’s bostin mate!” is roughly equivalent to “that’s really good / brilliant / really nice / smashing” and it’s been around for absolutely ages.

He recently commissioned a special England flag Bostin shirt in time for St. George’s Day, and I was lucky enough to catch a sneaky preview of it before they went on sale (and was pretty impressed). Donato’s also got a mean marketer’s mindset too, because he always seems to get some really good press out of his ventures – most recently, Bostin was featured in the Bromsgrove Advertiser (his brother’s pictured in the article modelling the England flag design) and he’s had tons of coverage and plugs from everyone ranging from regional press to Adrian Chiles (the BBC ‘One Show’ presenter and thoroughbred Brummie), who can oft be seen sporting one of Donato’s designs. 🙂

They are really quite cool T-shirts and really make a (wonderfully positive, for once!) statement when you wear them out and about. Go buy one from the Bostin shop, and start some conversations when you’re out in public. 🙂

(and yes, I buy my Bostin shirts just like everybody else, in case you were wondering whether this was a sponsored plug. 😉

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