Another Brum blog is born!

This time, prepare to welcome BloggingBrum to the world, a product of the creative mind of one Mark Steadman… What’s it about? “It’s a blog for Birmingham. That’s it.”

Succint. I like it. (Bonus points for having a picture of the Floozie in the Jacuzzi as part of the design!)

I’m always in favour of new outlets for the wealth of news and info that flows out of the second city – that’s why you’ll see me contributing to it in due course. In the meantime, blogroll it, bookmark the feed, and enjoy.

And as a little PS, here’s an odd thought which may strike a chord with all you WordPress users out there – why does WP have an ‘Uncategorized’ category by default? Surely it’s a little tautologous; if you didn’t want to classify a post, you would just refrain from ticking any of the boxes. Programmers’ logic overriding common sense once again…

Published by Christopher

The guy behind About Brum - living and working in Birmingham and the Black Country. I love this city!

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