How to sum up Birmingham’s architecture in one go

Birmingham’s a bit of a higgledy-piggledy place when it comes to architecture. You have brash, modern buildings parked opposite 1980s ‘oddities’, which themselves are next to to clean lines and glass frontage of Starbucks and office buildings… And on top of that, you have the old, OLD buildings that were in Birmingham long before anybody else decided to move in and build the latest multi-storey hotel with a weird leopard-skin cover down one side (if you’ve seen the SAS Radisson, you’ll know what I’m on about).

This photo, taken by Bill Phillips, quite neatly sums it all up:

Image credit: Bill Phillips

I know from personal experience just how hard it is to take good shots in the centre of Brum, the contrast between light and shade around there is so extreme that if you have a less-than-great camera, you end up with half a screen of barely visible image and an overexposed remainder.

If you’re wondering where the above shot was taken, get off the bus at Colmore Row, walk to the left (heading away from Snowhill railway station), cross the road, then turn right 90°… Bingo.

Seen any other nice shots of Brum? I’d love to see them, so leave your links in the Comments.

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