Brum Bloggers Meetup, Mk. 2: great success!

In typical style, I’m fashionably late writing about this. Just like I was to the actual event. Note to self: update satnav maps (I drove straight to Brum from work via a route I don’t normally travel via – the bloody thing tried to take me the wrong way around two separate one-way systems, one in Wolverhampton and another one in Brum!) Anyway, I got there, and I wasn’t to worry, because people were there way after I said my goodbyes and headed home.

If you didn’t turn up on Monday night at the Dragon Inn, you missed out – around 30 bloggers and creative types descended on the pub for an evening of spontaneous conversation, anecdotes and other small issues… things like the future of blogging in and about the West Midlands, and how to promote the region outside of the clique of Birmingham bloggers (paraphrased from Podnosh‘s Nick Booth, or Mr. Nosh as I think I might call him from now on).

I had a great time, even though I was driving (so no alcohol for me) – here’s the list of (most of) the people I met:

The usual suspects:
Jon Bounds (B:iNS, The Big Picture, etc…)
Pete Ashton (CiB,  Brum Blog, etc… Ironically, I met him last!)
Donato Esposito (creator of some funky t-shirts, one of which I must get round to buying sometime)

And then some new faces (to me):
Steve Gerrard, ace photographer and all-round nice guy (the man bought me a (soft) drink and even refused my money! major kudos)
Nick Booth (aka Mr. Nosh; freelance journo, docu maker and hardcore Brum-centric podcaster – also bought me a (soft) drink! Two unexpected free drinks in one night, not bad huh?)
Antonio Roberts (artist, illustrator, graphic designer and thief of my WordPress profile 😉
Stef Lewandowski (does-everything-creative-type)
Danny Smith (fellow geek and resident drunk 😉
Simon Hammond (similarly fellow geek)
And last, but certainly no means least, Max (geocacher extraordinaire and anecdote king!)

I’d also like to apologise to the couple of people whom I met but have forgotten the names of – especially one chap I had a fair conversation with at the bar, rambling over topics from the history of Brum to the Anchor Exchange. So, to you guys: feel free to vociferously castigate me via the Comments box!

There’s still people I didn’t meet, but it’s not speed dating – I’m sure we’re not going anywhere for a few months, so I’ll see you all next time.

The event was a little unfocused, but I quite enjoyed the spontanaeity; people clumped into little groups, rotating around and floating inbetween conversations, making it quite an organic meetup. I wasn’t at the first meetup as I wasn’t physically in the country (shame), but from what I’ve been told there was a marked increase on the turnout – which can only be a good thing. I had some absolutely fascinating discussions and came away with a rejuvenated interest in focusing my blogging efforts over the coming months and years (I have some big plans for this site, I just have to be patient while my current situation unfolds… In order for me to be able to focus my time, energies and resources on compiling an excellent site when the opportunity presents itself, I have to get my current bits and bobs out of the way first, so bear with me on this.)

If you weren’t there, how come? Some people either signed up to the Facebook event page the day before / on the day, or just turned up on a whim but felt like they might as well actively join in – if you were considering coming but didn’t in the end, why not make it a definite appointment next time for Meetup number 3? We’d love to see you there, and it’s a marvellous way to network and get increased exposure to your blog. You might find (like I did!) that many people have already had a snout around your little part of cyberspace before you even meet them in person.

Well, I missed the lunar eclipse – bloody low-lying cloud cover spoilt any chance of seeing it myself. First thing I’m doing tomorrow morning when I get to work is scope out the pro-am astronomy web sites for some decent shots… I love the Web.)

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