Did the earth move (a little bit) for you?

Corny I know, but appropriate… Just now (about 1am), Birmingham (and much of the Midlands and Central England) had a little earthquake! It only lasted about ten seconds here, but was strong enough to make my speakers rock on their stands and my radiator make a noise… Amusingly, we all initially blamed each other in […]

How to sum up Birmingham’s architecture in one go

Birmingham’s a bit of a higgledy-piggledy place when it comes to architecture. You have brash, modern buildings parked opposite 1980s ‘oddities’, which themselves are next to to clean lines and glass frontage of Starbucks and office buildings… And on top of that, you have the old, OLD buildings that were in Birmingham long before anybody else […]

Brum Bloggers Meetup, Mk. 2: great success!

In typical style, I’m fashionably late writing about this. Just like I was to the actual event. Note to self: update satnav maps (I drove straight to Brum from work via a route I don’t normally travel via – the bloody thing tried to take me the wrong way around two separate one-way systems, one […]

See you at the Dragon Inn

Unless something dire happens to obstruct my attendance, you can find me (along with a bunch of other friendly locals) at the second Brum Bloggers Meetup. I’ll give you fair warning now… It’s nestled just at the top end of the Gaybourhood (as my lesbian housemate calls it, and the name just happens to have […]

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