What’s on in Brum this Christmas November?

First things first: I immensely dislike Christmas and everything it’s come to stand for… except for Chocolate Oranges in my stocking on Christmas Day. Mmm. However, I’m more than willing to promote events based around this season, because no doubt there’s far more people who aren’t grouchy old grumpies who actually enjoy these events! So, […]

Why can’t people just leave things alone?

I’ll say it loud, and I’ll say it clear: I like Birmingham Central Library. It’s a real landmark. Being built from concrete, it’s a bit dirty here and there but it has a real sense of character, plus it’s pretty cool inside. I got lost in there the first time I went in. 🙂 The […]

Lost And Found at the FXB, a retrospective

I’ve been lazy recently – must update more! I’ve been sitting on this stuff for a while now, and I thought it’d be time to blog about this (especially considering I told them I would!) If you were watching the local events calendar recently, you might have noticed that the  2007 Birmingham Festival of Xtreme […]

The new UCE name? …never mind

You may have traveled to this corner of the Web expecting to see my scribblings about the new UCE logo and how I was concurring with what many other people had already roundly described as a big waste of money and a poorly-implemented rebranding. You’ve just got the short version, but if you’re looking for […]

Very favourable review of Brum and the West Midlands in today’s Guardian

The Grauniad put out an insert with today’s paper, in association with the EC and Advantage West Midlands, focusing on the range of innovation, development (and redevelopment) and diversity within and around Brum and the rest of the County. It’s a very interesting read, and doesn’t smack of “look at our area, come and invest […]

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